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The Zindex
29.02.08 by Buffalo Bill

Bikesnobnyc, probably the funniest bike blogger currently operating, has a pista-dex, which is a measure of how hip track bikes are. The index is is the difference between the new and 2nd hand price of a Bianchi Pista. If there is little difference, then track bikes are still hip.

So I thought it would be a laugh to subject an emblematic messenger culture item to the same treatment. What could be more emblematic of bicycle messenger culture than a Zo messenger bag? I found one on ebay. It is used, with a frayed strap, black in colour, an absolutely standard SF messenger item. It sold last night for $393. Erik normally sells them to messengers for less than $100. Let’s call it $100 for a new bag. I am useless at maths, but even I can divide by 100.

This gives a Zindex figure of +3.93. Bicycle messenger culture is so hip that a tatty 2nd hand, but authentic, messenger bag sells for nearly 4 times its original sale price. Timbuk2 laughs all the way to the bank, and ‘real’ messengers become even more grumpy then they already are.

  1. what does it say about Vetos and armadillos….?

    winston    29 February 2008, 08:47    #
  2. my Zo bag smells of wee. does that make it cooler or less cool?

    — footlong    29 February 2008, 11:23    #
  3. Is it real messenger wee?

    — Bill    29 February 2008, 12:36    #
  4. damn no. i got it in a bottle from evans. its called ‘authentic messenger wee’. people who shop at these places are pouring it over crumpler bags to give them a whiff of authenticity.

    — footlong    29 February 2008, 15:47    #
  5. The frayed and used look probably makes it even more valuable. It has street cred then!

    Why buy a new bag that you grime up yourself when you can buy one that comes pre-stressed.

    David    29 February 2008, 16:12    #
  6. a fakenger came alongside me and pleaded to buy my metro pac bag and dirty cycling pants off me. disgusting

    — zack speedfast    29 February 2008, 16:52    #
  7. once a fakenger wanted me to pee on him. i kicked him in the balls instead. authentic messenger cleat prints. the zindex figure on his sack must be through the roof!

    — ute laune    29 February 2008, 21:02    #
  8. even over here, on the boring side of the pond, a missenger at the coffee shop asked me if i could get some of bill’s used chamois cream. talk about off the mark!

    tofu    29 February 2008, 23:42    #
  9. How much can I get for a pair of well used Metro long bibs – One owner, infrequently washed. Do I hear 10?

    andy is no longer a cunt    3 March 2008, 10:24    #
  10. i’ve got the shorts Boris wore for god-knows how long before and during the 94’s in london. i knew there was a reason i was saving them.

    — pete    3 March 2008, 16:15    #
  11. Mr White you hold onto those dirty bibs their worth is gaining at an exponential rate. News flash – Marco is coming back –

    — Zack Speedfast    4 March 2008, 07:22    #
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