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The real 'winner' of the Cycle Messenger World Championships...
8.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

I was honored by being given the prize for Best checkpoint Marshall/Best volunteer/The guy who drank the most fell down the most and still smiled.. Im not certain of the precise technichal term for it, but Neal give me a bag that I am very proud of. I could not have been any help if people did not help me- Some of them were: Niall gave me the key to his house so I always had a place to rest.Jojo did half the check point, wrestled and beat 2 of my guys there, picked up my spirit when I was homesick and down before the finals.Vincent, Tom, Tjeerd, Pax, Bender, Andy(The new IFBMA President) was invaluable at the CP. Thanks for that Sarah sang my name whenever she saw me. April borrowed me money when I was broke. Sonic and Tom went by the “office” and picked up the bottles for Saturday night. Laus for racing Texas Twins with me (we had the victory sewn up when the cops showed up). Shaun the leprechaun (meant in the most positive meaning of the term) for the outfits and being magical.Stefan for preciding at the open forum. Cliff for keeping our heads ringing.Navid for the inspiration.

Thanks to all the sponsors of the event. My bag is a Pac (I have been lusting for years, almost bought Morgans but now i have one) The Pac held stuff from Fifo hats, Knog, Trackstar and Kryptonite. I got a Bike from Kona wich I was stoked about for all 3 seconds untill I realized it was one of the goldsprints bikes,they will look hot two of the same, brand new so I made a quick decision to donate my new bike to DBMA, think of me when you do goldsprints in Dublin. Also I got a beautiful trophy.

Thanks to all that came out and raced without that I would have been bored up there on the hill. And thanks to all the great people that were there that I have not mentioned.

Martin cphfxt

taken from the messengers@dccourier.com list

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