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The prodigal son
22.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

Last seen on London’s streets in 2001, veteran cycle courier Nixon returns!

A founder member of the London Cycle Messenger Association, the LBMA’s predecessor, he worked at A – Z, Creative and Reuter Brooks in a 7 year odyssey through the streets of London. And now he’s back. Welcome home. Nice bike, Nixon. But maybe not quite the thing for rocking the road of the messenger, eh?

  1. 7 years? pfff. i’m in my 11th

    — flappy feet    22 May 2007, 22:27    #
  2. the messenger, not the bike that counts

    — twitch    23 May 2007, 08:32    #
  3. come to fill the Canadian void??

    stupidP    24 May 2007, 14:08    #
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