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The Muppet League is back
31.05.10 by Buffalo Bill

Just received the following email from the guys at Rollapaluza:

Invite to the Muppet League. British and Irish Cycle courier blog and forum.

We’ve set up the Muppet League as a cycle courier website for the UK and Ireland. We thought it would be good to have one place that all UK and Irish couriers could gather, discuss and promote their events, products, blogs / sites, birthday drinks and alley cats! Muppet League will be created by ourselves, if you have something worth saying you can post it direct to the main site yourself.

The site is in two parts (blog and forum) and registration for both is separate, grab your preferred username / call-sign now!….

The Blog

It’s a community site, anyone can register, after registering if you wish to become a contributor by posting your story, news, announcement, photos or event, just send and email to: info@muppetleague.co.uk and you will be upgraded from member to author…..you can then post as many stories as you wish as long as you stick to the basic intentions of the site.

In time some of us will become administrators, to keep the site running smoothly.

If you’ve never posted to a blog before, it’s simple and we will be creating some guidelines for complete novices…

What Muppet League Blog is intended for : courers and ex couriers.

*Plugging courier events *Plugging courier “cottage industries” *Announcements (birthday drinks, retirements, event details) *Results and reports of courier events *Courier writing *Art / photography by the courier and ex courier community.

What Muppet League is not intended for:

*Non-courier events, or events with no genuine link to our community attempting to promote to couriers or attempts to gain authenticity by aligning themselves with couriers. *Advertising revenue *Non courier-made or related products being marketed to the community

For example: Posts about bags / accessories made by couriers or ex-couriers is good, independent reviews of commercial products relevant to couriers is good, a regular bag manufacturer posting about their bags is not good.
Posting about a courier event or an event organized by couriers is good, posting about a non courier event unless it has specific interest to couriers is less good…e.g: Rollapaluza should not promote any of their events on the site, excepting courier championships or other courier related events / news.

Obviously nowadays there is a lot of events that are open to all, couriers or other cyclists so leeway is required, as a community we’ll know when someone is taking the piss and admins will be able to delete posts from outside the community.

The site is very simple and currently we aiming for functionality and content over design. Hopefully Muppet League will become a great source of info, method of communication and shop window for all the exciting things happening in the UK and Irish courier scenes and it will be created by you.

The Forum

We hope this will become a centre for discussion and chat between all UK and Irish couriers and ex-couriers. Unfortunately you do have to join this individually to the main blog site.

Aside from the .net address, Muppet League can also be reached from:


Hope you think this is a good idea and that you want to contribute your news, stories, photos, events, results, links, information, resources and promote your products and races. If you have any suggestions / tips or have found bugs / issues on the site please email us and we’ll see what we can do to implement / fix them.

History: Muppet League was a “lively” courier forum that was closed down by it’s host for excessive use of profanities.

  1. The muppet league is our history, Ben you sold out, god damn it, laser fire, sonic boom, a cloud of ash rises out of Homerton.

    — Zack Speedfast    1 June 2010, 14:35    #
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