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The 'Holy Shit - It's Slow!' Work-day Scavenger Hunt
14.02.08 by Buffalo Bill

This just in from Nhatt and the Alley-kittens:

Registration starts at 9am and goes till 10am on Tuesday 19th February at The Steps and outside the Foundry, Old Street. Bring 2 squids and a plastic bag to put all your treasure in. The hunt ends at 7.30pm at the Snow. Please be prompt, late-comers will be refused. The player with the most points wins the pot, second wins a House of Pistard shirt, DFL wins a Moving Target t-shirt. Wow!

Do I really need to say it’s for bicycle messengers who are actually working on Tuesday? Don’t be a muppet.

  1. mmmmmmmm squid.

    — overdrive    15 February 2008, 12:15    #
  2. Hmmm….

    well, bill, I apreciate the dfl prize offer most whole heartedly, but as it isn’t technically a race there isn’t really going to be a dfl…however there will be a special item on the scavenger hunt list that could win a MT t-shirt….if your up for it Bill?

    XX Ms. Attack

    — @ack    15 February 2008, 14:42    #
  3. Roger.

    — Bill    15 February 2008, 14:56    #
  4. im there! you are all last

    — the.pike    17 February 2008, 12:34    #
  5. You’re lucky its may day off Wayne, but maybe you’ll spend most of the day in W6 anyway???

    — Josh    17 February 2008, 12:47    #
  6. i didnt even make it i was sick(in the head) that day!

    — the.pike    21 February 2008, 19:10    #
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