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The final score
22.07.06 by Buffalo Bill


Kilometers travelled: 1420

Average kilometers per day: 100 more or less

Most kilos in a day: 150

Least kilos in a day: 90

Punctures: 1

Nights spent alone in hotel rooms: 12

Nights spent on the floor of a smelly french bed-sit: 1

Nights spent in a field in Normandy with a slug: 1

Nights spent in a ditch in Sussex: 1

Departements (French equivalent of county) passed through: 14

Amount of chammy grease rubbed into arse to prevent formation of holes: 200ml

Holes in perineum: 2

Emails containing helpful suggestions to help with inflamed tendon received: 2

Average beers per night: 4

Max speed: 62km/h (although my clock did once show 93km/h – !!!)

Favourite bar: Auberge des Gourmets, Gien

Favourite hotel: Auberge de Courpain, Etampes

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