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Jack's back!
10.02.09 by Buffalo Bill

Ok, Jack’s been back for a couple of weeks now, but I was away and it was snowing here and… you know.

If you read this blog regularly, then you will probably enjoy the Bike Show. It’s an eclectic mix of London cycling news, bicycle inspired music and the rolling interview. This is something that Jack invented and it features an interviewee, 2 bikes, Jack and a mike. You don’t have to agree with everything, or even anything, that Jack says, but you have to love someone who once said that ‘riding a fixed-wheel without mudguards is a sartorial error of the highest order’. He has also been most active in raising the issue of cyclists being killed by HGVs.

The latest episode (which is downloading to the MT database as I write) features Shanaze Reade’s thoughts on fixed-wheel free-style tricks, of the sort much beloved by my friends over at Fixed Mag. You can listen to it live at 6.30pm on Resonance 104.4 FM, or mp3 stylie over here.

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