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The biggest roller race ever?
15.10.08 by Buffalo Bill

This off the messengers mailing list:

Me and Gogo and Tatsutya from Tokyo will helding goldsprint in Tokyo next week
collboration with JKA !!
a gold sprint match with olympic medalist, world champ and keirin racers !!!

Shane Kelly (2004 olympic Keirin blonze medalist)
Ross Edgar (2008 olympic Keirin silver medalist)
Teun Mulder (2005 Keirin world champ)
Tomohiro Nagatsuka (2004 olympic team sprint silver medalist)
Kiyofumi Nagai (2008 olympic Keirin blonze medalist)
Kazunari Watanabe (2008 olympic team sprint 6th place)

it must be a big big big gold sprint event !!!!

I can’t make head or tail of the web-site, as it’s all in Japanese, apart from the words ‘gold sprint’, which of course means roller race. All that’s missing from that list is the name Chris Hoy, who is, of course, the reigning Olympic and World Champ of Sprint and Keirin, and who raced the Rollapaluza rollers at the Salford Nocturne, and failed to beat the record. For more on that event, see the Rollapaluza report.

  1. Goldsprints as I have seen it here has nothing on rollapolza…all that computer/ video projector shizzle is just that…electric free is the way to go..lot less room for failure cheating and the like…

    — erik zo    17 October 2008, 00:00    #
  2. I feel duty bound to point out that the Rollapaluza guys have gone even further than simply using the rollers to power the hands on the clock – they have even made modifications to allow electricity to be generated by the rollers…

    — Bill    17 October 2008, 06:51    #
  3. Indeed we have…it powers a mini sound system and lighting…we only use it for green fairs and the like….most people are interested in the pure Rollapaluza experience..

    They may not have had Chris Hoy but they did have long time international Roller-race star Greg Tipper….he came 18th.

    Winston    21 October 2008, 10:20    #
  4. in my defense, i only found out about this event 2 hours before on the same day, had a hangover and hadnt even ridden a bike for 3 years, thats why i came 18th, but i got on the bike and rode for shear thrill of it not the glory.

    — tipper    22 October 2008, 12:33    #
  5. tipper
    I’ve just added your photo. ;)

    Riki a.k.a rikitko    23 October 2008, 15:15    #
  6. thanks riki, add the insult to the injury _

    — tipper    23 October 2008, 17:02    #
  7. tipper
    the organizes of the event is my friends, and they are bike messengers in tokyo, kyoto.

    please keep contact us. they organaize many many “goldsprints” event in tokyo, osaka, sapporo, fukuoka & kyoto.

    and also they & their (= my) friends organized alleycat in japan.

    we want to hangout to you.

    Riki a.k.a rikitko    24 October 2008, 05:04    #
  8. No one is looser that event.

    my wife is disqualify, but she enjoyed it.
    I’m disqualify every time, but I go to goldsprints event every time.

    we like roller race, we like bicycle culture, we like beer & talking to somebody.

    we respect you, tipper.
    because you are the pioneer of goldsprint in UK.

    Now, we are making an effort to spread the goldsprints in Japan.

    Riki a.k.a rikitko    24 October 2008, 06:37    #
  9. Hey Riki you watch out for that Tipper, he will drink all your Saki. Sorry, i’m a saki “$%£.

    — Zack Speedfast    24 October 2008, 19:44    #
  10. りき

    — tipper    25 October 2008, 10:10    #
  11. agreed

    Winston    25 October 2008, 18:51    #
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