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The Beast of the North East to rock Nocturne
3.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

The Smithfield Nocturne, an evening of ‘proper’ road-racing, is happening again this Saturday. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, there will be no courier race at the event. However, there will be bicycle messenger interest in the Mens Elite Race. Yes, riding for Rollapaluza C.C., Jos Vander Incredibly Longlegs, the Hammer of Harringay, will be mixing with a star-studded field. Well, Geraint Thomas and Rob Hayles anyway.

I have no idea why the messenger community hasn’t been invited back, it may be the total lack of interest from the companies (apart from Creative Couriers) and perhaps compounded by Jos knocking out one of the organisers moments before the start. Whatever, it should be a pleasant evening, and even more enjoyable if Jos does well.

The Rollapaluza rollers will be there too, providing the equipment for the Inter Schools Challenge Roller Race heats, semis and final. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.

  1. I love myself; I want Jos to love me
    When I feel down; I want Jos above me
    I search myself; I want Jos to find me
    I forget myself; I want you Jos remind me

    I don’t want anybody else
    When I think about Jos I touch myself
    Ooh I don’t want anybody else Oh no, oh no, oh no

    — Blondie    3 June 2008, 21:52    #
  2. Blondie rules.

    _targetbot    3 June 2008, 22:17    #
  3. This just in… Rapha still has a handful of Hospitality Tickets for sale – £100. Special messenger price – £100.


    _targetbot    4 June 2008, 07:55    #
  4. £100, excluding VAT

    — lock-ring-a-ding    4 June 2008, 11:11    #
  5. “Complimentary drinks all night”

    Fair deal then really

    — alco-courier    4 June 2008, 11:22    #
  6. You not riding in the media/all-star race Bill? Come on, you know you want to ;) We need more people so we can gang up on the serious boys like Matt Seaton and that bloke from Cycling Weekly.

    Alex    5 June 2008, 19:15    #
  7. How come do I not only have a hangover but also a big O painted on my belly? ;)

    — Gertie    8 June 2008, 15:01    #
  8. I have a big G on mine.
    Well done Jos. It’s a shame they didn’t mention your alleycat victories when they were introducing all the racers.

    westcoastmess    8 June 2008, 16:12    #
  9. jos da booss..

    — eggpie    8 June 2008, 16:17    #
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