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30.12.05 by Buffalo Bill

The editor contemplates a new career as an executive car driver.  Pic: Karl Blanchet

To everyone that has checked out this website in 2005. If no-one read it, I would look like a right c&nt. Or even more of a c&nt than I do already.

Thanks also to everyone that has submitted material or comments, even that w7nker ‘meh’ (what a useless handle, you f>cking sad loser), but especially Ben (this site would look like a pile of poo otherwise), Caspar, Nasty (without you, we would be lost), Elisabeth, Andy White (you c&nt) and all the Muppet of the Month submitters.

If there’s something you want to get off your chest, please do not hesitate to send it along, and please keep the muppets coming. All you wannabe London bicycle messengers, REMEMBER: RTFM!

A turning wheel is an earning wheel. Up yours and Ave Mercuria.

Blinger of the month

    By the way, I like the tie, was it a last Friday of the month when the pic was taken…

    — Buffalo Hugger    8 January 2006, 13:19    #
  2. Thats not a tie. It’s clearly a fillet of salmon. Farmed, scottish I’d say.

    porno mike    15 January 2006, 14:03    #
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