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Team Awesome Day 15th November
8.11.08 by Ms Nhatt Attack

Team Totally Awesome are having a day of drinking and games to convince all you all to be more awesome. It’ll be on the fifteenth of november, and will include:

The Great Big Fluffy Cat
a race for people who don’t race, a race for people who do race but have NEVER won.

Track Stand Stare Down
A track stand competition and a staring contest all in one. First to blink or put a foot down loses, winner moves on to the next round

The 6 For A Fiver, Mate
Can you say team beer sprints? I knew you could! You will need to form a team of three for this, so start practising your chugging and riding skills with your two best mates.

The House Of Pistard Sanctioned Skid Skittles
word has it you might want to bring a bucket of water with you.

Meet at london fields at one, it’ll be a jam packed day of AWESOMENESS!!!!

Prizes will be by TEAM TOTALLY AWESOME, because corporate sponsorship isn’t awesome. Although you should buy everything that House of Pistard has ever made, cause it’s cool and it keeps Xander off the streets and away from small children.

It’s £5 for a whole day of fun, plus we’ll hole up in a bar somewhere after (a bar with karaoke, hopefully!) after. Don’t forget it’s £10 for ADBC members, due to their general lack of awesomeness.

See you there!

  1. It’s actually on the 15th, y’all.

    — Nhattattack    9 November 2008, 21:18    #
  2. Whooops! Got the date wrong as usual… fixed!

    — Bill    10 November 2008, 09:56    #
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