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T-shirt controversy
1.12.07 by Buffalo Bill

The image that House of Pistard used for the Ryan benefit shirt has caused not a little controversy. Various members of the London FGSS forum have accused the world’s worst messenger shirt manufacturer of glorifying violence against cars. Most of us thought it was a funny image, which encapsulated the incident, and the fantasy that most of us have had at one moment or more, in a witty way.

I don’t think it’s glorifying violence. If you think about it, what it is, is a convoluted method for a bunch of messengers to give money to Mercedes-Benz. Which is a bizarre idea, however you look at it. And if we are going to give money to Mercedes-Benz, then we might as well have a laugh doing it.


House of Pistard have all the mail-order details here.

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  1. We’d love to comment here at H.O.P. but we’re all flying out to attend Evel Knievels’s funeral so… “UP YOURS!”

    obergruppenpistard    1 December 2007, 10:50    #
  2. Liar. I happen to know that you’re off to the Millionaire Fair, to pick a Swarovski NJS Deluxe Buckfast tumbler set. The wages of SIN!

    — Bill    1 December 2007, 11:23    #
  3. fakengers g…s and saddle sniffers… pah

    — sleepy    1 December 2007, 11:24    #
  4. Oi.. Im in Copenhagen and I need 3 of those tshirts for our xmas bash on the 15th. Someone with a paypal acc that can help me out? Bill? Thx..

    — martin    1 December 2007, 16:03    #
  5. I think it’s a rad image personally. Keep it up!

    crankedmag    1 December 2007, 16:10    #
  6. Cm’on, keep in mind FGSS forum is a discussion board and doesn’t give one opinion that all people share

    — sol    1 December 2007, 17:22    #
  7. I said ‘various’ not ‘all members’…

    — Bill    1 December 2007, 17:28    #
  8. lord, and i thought i was uptight. some of those posters are yet another reason to covet this tee too.

    — lurkette    2 December 2007, 19:34    #
  9. Firstly i must state i don’t condone violence in any form. In fact i am trying to live according to the code of ahimsa amongst other things. Saying that this is a once off. Aidan is cycling home after a busy day at the office. He is flying along having just passed an 83 year old on a motorised wheel chair. He adjusts his ‘fly’ cycling cap a little to the left and tightens his oversized, colourful timbuk to fit snuggly on his back. Wheeeee he cries as he takes a corner at 5 miles an hour on his bright fixed wheelie cyclebike. As he looks up he see’s a silver merc with a z slashed across the bonet swerving from one side of the road into his path. Kaboom

    — Zack Speedfast    2 December 2007, 21:22    #
  10. Sol, I got a small MT shirt for you. (DFL in Alleynhatt, right?)

    — Bill    2 December 2007, 21:34    #
  11. brilliant, cheers

    — sol    2 December 2007, 22:57    #
  12. I have been reading this thread. Is it only me that thinks if the t-shirt represent something which you are not happy to be associated with don’t buy it? Or is that too simple?

    — Tommy    3 December 2007, 17:20    #
  13. Is that tommy the brick fag esquire? Go back to your own shight forum

    — ?    3 December 2007, 20:55    #
  14. fookin ay to tommy you stole what I was going to post.

    so have this instead, dead moths make great hangliders for pet spiders! wahey!

    — juan samwell    5 December 2007, 11:51    #
  15. i condone violence and a hate freedom. I declare a holy messenger war on the fag geared shit speed forum.

    — safa brian    6 December 2007, 07:38    #
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