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17.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

Buy a t-shirt!

UK, Eire: £12 (inc p & p). Paypal to bill.chidley@mac.com.
US, Canada or other colonies: £15 (inc p & p).

European sausage-munchers (except Dutchland): £13 (inc p & p).

Cheating dutch bastards: £50 000 (and you can pick it up yourselves, you lazy cnuts).

Asia, Africa and South London: £16 (inc p & p).

Paypal to: bill.chidley@mac.com, specify if you want burgundy (large or medium) or red (medium) only. Mark your payment ‘I love MT!’

I will discount multiple purchases. Contact me.


Down to the last few – get them now while stocks last!

  1. my card won’t work with paypal. you will accept cheque? i could send one to you via creative.

    — messenger of doom    17 November 2007, 21:44    #
  2. Yeah, cheque is cool. Make it £11, and payable to W Chidley.

    — Bill    18 November 2007, 14:59    #
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