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Support your friendly local injured bicycle messenger
21.06.10 by Buffalo Bill

I would say that Janky is amongst the best messengers that I have worked with. I would go further and say that he is amongst the best bike riders that I have ever known. An absolute animal on the bike, he must be one of the quickest guys ever to ride in London, he is equally open to polo, foot-down and anything to do with two wheels, except maybe cargo bikes. And he is really smart, really nice guy, with whom it has been my great pleasure to spend a little time, not least at ECMC 2008, when he played on the Moving Target polo team, and raced in a Moving Target shirt in the main race.

So it was a shock to hear that he had broken his collarbone, and will not now be able to work for several weeks. As he is a ‘self-employed sub-contractor’, he will receive no sick pay. So his mates have come up with a number of great ideas to have fun and raise money for James. Some are detailed below:


Roll up! Rollup! Support your friendly local injured bicycle messenger who, by virtue of a broken collar bone courtesy of a white van man, is off circuit for up to six of your English months. Boo. Not good you say? Well, we have a solution! As a benefit to our courageous friend we are hosting a mega awesome and totally sweet raffle! Prizes have been donated by Madison.co.uk, Look Mum No Hands and Brixton Cycles so far with winners going home with Kryptonite locks, hats, bottles, mudguards, pants (or trousers if you prefer), cranks (105 double octalink), t-shirts of course and sidis (yes really-we have 2 pairs of carbon road shoes) amongst various other bits and bobs. The top prize is a hand built custom steel frame and fork by Oak Cycles that will be designed and built for the winner!

So if you want to grab a ticket you have until Friday the 2nd of July at 9pm following which a draw and prize-giving will take place outside the Duke of York on Clerkenwell Road. Results will be posted on Moving Target Forum and the London Fixed Gear and Single Speed websites with photos of the winner and frame to follow on building!

The best part is tickets also double up as spoke cards! So that you can shamelessly advertise your support on your wheel! They are available from tomorrow, in person, at Look Mum No Hands at no. 49 Old Street or collection can be arranged through email at jankyjamesraffle@gmail.com

Please do give.

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    First, thank you to everyone who supported this raffle. It was an outstanding success raising over £1100 for James who is completely overwhelmed by the response! He was also able to return the donation made to him by the LCEF leaving more money in the bank for future distasters!

    Next we would like to thank Jacqui at Rapha, Look Mum No Hands, Madison, House of Pistard, Ash Lyons, Oak Cycles and especially Brixton Cycles for donating all the awesome prizes that have made this raffle so great!

    So, down to business. Following are the prizes and the winners numbers. We have contact details for most but not all winners so if we don’t get in contact with you tomorrow then please contact us with your special winning number at the email address. jankyjamesraffle@gmail.com. OK. Here we go!

    1. OAK CYCLES FRAME 121 Julie
    2. SIDI ROAD SHOES 119 Joe
    3. SIDI ROAD SHOES 108 Chris
    4. RAPHA JERSEY 028
    5. 105 OCTALINK CRANKS 085 Will
    6. LOCK 050
    7. LOCK 038
    8. LOCK 011 George
    9. LOCK 041 James
    10. LOCK 055 Matt
    11. CASE OF SLAG BEER 092 Bob Davis
    12. MASSAGE 116 Scott
    13. BIKE HOIST 087 Richard Gwilliam
    14. SWERVE PANTS 032
    15. MUDHUARDS 033 John
    16. T-SHIRTS AND BOTTLES 009 David
    17. T-SHIRTS AND BOTTLES 048 Irish Wayne
    18. T-SHIRTS AND BOTTLES 122 Aga
    19. HOUSE OF PISTARD T-SHIRT 088 Hippy
    20. DMR HUB AND SWERVE HAT 084 Darius

    WELL DONE to all the prize winners! If you don’t already have your prize then email us to arrange collection. You have two weeks to claim it before we return the prize to the people who gave it to us so please, please get in touch ASAP!

    Once more, many thanks from Ryan and I for all your support. It has been truely inspiring to see so many people come together to back up a member of the biking community here in London.

    We will finish by plugging the London Courier Emergency Fund who work hard to keep injured couriers afloat in difficult times. Support where and when you can!


    P.S. We will be posting photos of the frame up during the build at after so keep your eyes peeled!

    — Nicola    3 July 2010, 02:05    #
  2. Amazing stuff, well done the to the lot of you! Huge respect and admiration to Janky James for the gesture of returning his LCEF donation. Many thanks Hombre. Heal well.

    — Dazzler    3 July 2010, 19:44    #
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