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Sunday fun
24.05.08 by Buffalo Bill

If I don’t get too wasted at Papillon’s party, I’ll be going down to the Hill for the LFGSS track day. There’ll be a jumble and racing for track novices. Racing is fun. You get to make your vision go black, and your breakfast sometimes comes up to say hello.

And if you can’t be arsed cos you partook of performance inhibitors at La Francaise, there’s always Disconnected in the evening, a pedal-powered party, which I think is being organised by Charlie Hope, who so ably represented Moving Target at the Rapha Roller Race. The venue is the Old Boys Club, Dalston which is a lovely spot, and also hosted the Trixie Chix party back in February. I quite like the flier, too.

The summer’s turning out to be a good one, I think.

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