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Spoke cards
4.09.09 by Buffalo Bill

from House of Hipster

I can’t remember when the spoke-card thing started to happen. According to the messenger dictionary, first published in the SFBMA’s guide-book to San Francisco for the 1996 Cycle Messenger World Championships, Spoke Poker is the game of finding cards in the street and putting them in your spokes, to hopefully come up with a royal flush, so I guess that the SF guys started putting cards in their wheels before 1996. I seem to remember that some of the competitors at the 1994 CMWC put the laminated passes that we gave them in their wheels at that time, but I couldn’t swear to it. In any case, the practice of putting messenger event cards into spokes was well established by at least 1998, if not before. At one time it was only messenger champs that gave out spoke cards, now you can get a spoke-card for any old event. Or even, in this case, for riding down the shops.

  1. nice history piece…thanks.

    j.dot    4 September 2009, 12:39    #
  2. Come now, William, children have been putting things in their spokes since bicycles have been in existence. In fact someone once wanted to put a card around my todger, but no laminator in London could meet the requirement. I’m off for coffee and cheese on toast, someone want to make a run of t-shirts to celebrate that?

    — Swiss Tony    4 September 2009, 15:56    #
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