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Smithfield Nocturne 2008
8.06.08 by Buffalo Bill

was a laugh. Lots of London Courier Emergency Fund t-shirts walking around, and Robert Davis made £100 donation to the fund. Bob wrote ‘Death on the Streets’ , which is a seminal work on road ‘safety’. Jos rode a fine race, although he said afterwards that his lungs were on fire, and every time he tried to move up, his lungs said no. Given that he was in the same race as a guy who just finished the Giro D’Italia, he did well to finish in the bunch. There is no question that Jos was the best supported rider in the race, getting support all around the course, and especially from these lunatics.

Anna’s Flickr set of Team Belly Button is here.

Rollapaluza’s report of the race, and pics of Jos in action are here.

_targetbot’s pictures of the racing are here.

  1. I just wanna thank everybody that rocked the support last saturday. It was amazing and the only thing that kept me going.

    Specially ‘team belly button’ !!! You rock !!!

    — Jos    9 June 2008, 12:45    #
  2. Nice one Jos.Special thanks to Bob Davis for the donation to LCEF.

    — overdrive    10 June 2008, 17:10    #
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