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Skot makes it!
25.09.06 by Buffalo Bill

Catching up with emails people have sent me, I received this from Skot, former winner of the London courier track day time trial, who writes from Warszawa, where he recently arrived, having ridden the entire distance:

‘_so yes
i am now totally burnt out on cycling.
i thought the journey might be really fun but it turned out to be a slog harder than i possibly imagined. after 6 days i was unable to move so had a day off but as a result had to put in two 250km days on the trot.
it, obviously, rained for a portion of each day.
my dad, as you can gather never caught me arriving.
presumably because i arrived so early each day. av it!

Skot sent me a nice little photo album. If you want to see the pics, you can download it from here.

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