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Skirt conspirators hijack London Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund!
16.09.07 by Buffalo Bill

if you see this man, stop him!

This just in:

following the election of Skirt In Chief (or Sick for short), Andy Duncan to the Presidency of the International Federation of Bicycle Messengers and Associations, the international conspiracy to force all the cycle couriers in the world to skirt up gains ground.

We understand that Jos van Veldhoven, already an IFBMA council member, has volunteered to act as the London representative of the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund. Ostensibly the BMEF exists to financial assistance bicycle messengers who have been injured whilst working, but we can exclusively reveal that the BMEF is being used as a front for the forces of feminisation.

The Night of the Skirt is drawing nigh! Hold onto your trousers, and put your hands deep in the pockets of your shorts. This scottish lunacy must be stopped!

  1. There can be only one.

    Jos for mayor!

    — Dazzler    16 September 2007, 12:10    #
  2. We get an overexposure of jos…

    and now jos in drag , when will the hurting stop

    — tomkov    18 September 2007, 15:34    #
  3. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    — Jos    18 September 2007, 16:30    #
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