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Skill, Speed & Sausages II
14.10.05 by Winston

Wingnut at SSSII
Second helping of Sausages: Popular Recipe

Video’s here

MT SSSII Flickr set

Selim’s photos of SSSII here.

There was a massive turn-out for the second London Courier Track Day, a.k.a. Speed, Skill & Sausages II. The event was fully subscribed, with 45 riders registered, and at least 100 spectators. The object of the exercise was to introduce track riding in a relaxed and enjoyable way to people who would not otherwise consider themselves bike racers. So it was inspiring to see 20 track novices circling the velodrome, shepherded by messenger track vets Winston & Don Wiley, aided by elite racer, Brett Perez.

At first, they straggled all over the banking, and spread around the oval, but after a few laps they were formed into pairs, and were riding with good discipline. Soon the more experienced riders were allowed to join the file, and there was a massive messenger peloton Rolling As One.

After the warm-up, the racing began. The first event was a timed flying lap. Simply, each rider did one lap beginning slowly, crossing the start/finish line at speed and then rode as fast as they could until they came around again. The top 18 would be seeded into 3 heats of six for the kirin, and the winner would be declared the fastest messenger in London.

Although the flying lap is a straightforward test of speed, there is some skill: the trick is to keep Max Power on the whole way round, not to finish with too much left, but not fade before the line. In an outdoor venue such as Herne Hill, the wind direction also needs to be considered. In this case, it was in the face on the back straight, which meant that a number of riders blew their packet before the home straight and crawled over the line.
It had been well-known that Skot has been training hard all summer, and had targetted the flying lap as an event that he could win. Having ridden with him a bit, I was not surprised to see him win, but the margin of victory was a shock. Skot did not beat the rest of us; he absolutely fucking crushed us.

His time of 30.77 secs was 1.52 secs quicker than Mullet King Adam ‘Maximum Power’ Gielniak in second with 32.29 secs. He comprehensively destroyed Winston’s own lap record (previously a courier record) and was only a second behind Brett Perez’s demonstration lap time. Brett is an Elite Category racer who has been winning races all summer, some against top opposition. He only came down to help out, but I reckon he wasn’t holding much back on the demo lap. So for Skot, a novice racer, to get that close to Brett is pretty bloody amazing.

Flying Lap Results

  1. 440 metres in 30.77 Skot 52.6 km/hr 32.9 mph
  2. 32.29 Adam G
  3. 32.74 Jade
  4. 32.97 Ivo
  5. 33.05 Rick
  6. 33.18 Dean
  7. 33.63 Buffalo Bill
  8. 33.96 Nick P
  9. 34.03 Krzystof
  10. 34.05 Josh Paperboy
  11. 34.12 Tofu
  12. 34.46 Dominc 27
  13. 34.58 Kieran
  14. 34.60 Dmitry
  15. 34.72 Dave xl
  16. 34.82 Finn
  17. 35.05 Wingnut
  18. 35.07 Jan
  19. 35.15 Marco
  20. 35.31 Mike
  21. 35.39 George
  22. 35.54 Goter
  23. 35.58 Adam P
  24. 35.90 Pink Nick
  25. 36.05 Peter H
  26. 36.41 Sophie (1st female)
  27. 36.45 Iain
  28. 36.57 Adam W
  29. 36.75 Selim
  30. 36.96 Sam
  31. 37.65 Florian
  32. 37.64 Stefan
  33. 38.25 Homer
  34. 38.57 Zamek
  35. 38.59 Susanne (2nd female)
  36. 39.01 Gertie
  37. 39.01 Wagner
  38. 39.03 jp
  39. 39.36 Tanya (3rd female)
  40. 41.53 Deidre (4th female)
  41. 41.57 Nick r
  42. 42.79 Paul T (Dead Fucking Last)

Demonstration Lap: 29.25 Brett Perez

Kierin (no, not the Reuter Brooks rider!)
Kierin is a type of bicycle race which is very popular with the gambling public of Japan. In a Japanese Kirin, 8 riders line-up in an order determined by the drawing of lots behind a motorcycle, often called a pacer or derny. For the first lap of the track, all riders must hold their alloted position. At the start of the second lap, riders may change their position, apart from the rider drawn number 1. Normally at the end of the second lap of three the derny will swing down and the mayhem that is the Kierin bell lap commences.

Winston and Al had organised heats of 6, with the fastest 2 thru to the final. The derny was the ball of energy known as Brett Perez, and he wound up the pace with great skill, making the races fast, but not too fast. The racing was competitive and each heat had enough twists and turns to keep the noisy crowd more than interested in the outcomes.
The final selection of 6 was Skot, Max Power, Dean, Jade, Tofu, and Bill. Max Power won the sprint despite being drawn in the unfavourable position of 1st. There was some muttering amongst the back markers about the way Brett wound the pace up, apparently under instructions from Winston to make the race ‘hard’. However, Adam obviously didn’t find the pace too high, never being headed.

Consolation Scratch race
A 10 lap race for all those who did not qualify for the heats of keirin. It was a hard fought battle, couriers wanting to grab their bit of glory gave some strong rides on the front, especially from the continental contingent. In the closing laps the other Polish Adam used his power and determination to keep going to the line to take the win.

Unknown Distance
All riders with any energy left rode this race and despite the efforts of guest (non competing) riders Winston, Brett and Don to stretch out the race, they couldn’t shake a group of tough riders including Josh who was just starting to recover from his hangover and took the win.

Best No-Show Award
Yet to be decided, nominations welcome! You know who we’re talking about: that guy on circuit or down the pub who’s always so keen to tell you how fast he is, how many jobs he does…blah blah.. yet when given an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is they’re strangely not around! Unfortunately you can’t nominate whole companies (like Metro Ed. apparently all 3 of them hate riding bikes, for instance). First prize? the fame of shame.

Bill says Respect to Al for getting so many prizes in. In view of Simone’s accident, so much the better that £160 was raised for the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund. Maximum respect to Winston for a job well done.

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