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Simon Jackson Rollapaluza 'champion' riding for a fall?
11.12.07 by Buffalo Bill

Rollapaluza IX is coming up on Saturday. At the last Rollapaluza, held as part of the fantastic London’s Calling event this summer, Simon Jackson triumphed over some of the world’s best messengers.

Can he repeat the feat this Saturday at the Waterloo Action Centre? Given that he is the current Rollapaluza record holder (set at Raphapaluza II), the smart money won’t being backing any other outcome.

Fancy your chances? You could do worse than listen to the latest edition of the Bike Show, which features Simon Jackson giving tips on how to win a roller race.

Even if you don’t think you can win, there’s a whole lot of prizes for various things, and the normal Rollapaluza mix of beats, beer and static bicycle racing will be as strong as ever.

  1. Simon ain’t coming to Rollapaluza IX.
    He has left the door open for Zack Speedfast………

    caspar    12 December 2007, 00:56    #
  2. Simon told me that he wouldn’t be racing this time. He thought it was right to give others a chance for glory. Generous guy, dontcha think? So the title of Rollapaluza champ is up for grabs.

    jack Thurston    12 December 2007, 00:56    #
  3. doesn’t want to be beaten?

    — awol    12 December 2007, 05:13    #
  4. Speedfast suffers from a massive lack of confidence these days!

    — overdrive    12 December 2007, 10:05    #
  5. Sounds like an event for a whole load of fakengers

    — Zack Speedfast    12 December 2007, 11:57    #
  6. Overdrive suffers from a massive lack of direction these days ie. chalk farm to soho via “a run around”.

    — Zack Speedfast    12 December 2007, 13:25    #
  7. I want zack for a sunbeam

    — Tipper    12 December 2007, 13:31    #
  8. I’m sure I saw Zack (who eats fakengers for breakfast so I hear) at the Waterloo Action Centre, shame he didn’t get up and put them all to ‘shame’

    He probably wouldn’t have even beaten over-rated.

    caspar    16 December 2007, 03:47    #
  9. Caspar you seem to have forgotten that i have finished higher in every roller race we have raced in. For a bunch of fakengers those guys were pretty quick. I probably wouldn’t have beaten over-rated.

    — Zack Speedfast    16 December 2007, 17:39    #
  10. Report, results, pics and video at:


    winston    17 December 2007, 10:23    #
  11. It’s the taking part that’s important.Although i now wish i had nt bothered!!!Cnuts!!

    — overdrive    17 December 2007, 10:43    #
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