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Shoreditch Invitational Polo this Sunday
13.08.08 by Buffalo Bill

nicked from Amphalon Flickr

As I mentioned before, an all-messenger team of Little Jon, Janky James and Car-crusher Ryan will be representing Moving Target in the polo tournament this Sunday. The tournament is part of the Shoreditch Festival which is going on from 16th to 24th August. Sunday is the Tour de Hackney part of the Festival, and as well as the polo there is a whole host of other activities. The tournament itself is taking place in a school playground on the corner of Penn Street and Bridport Place, just to the north of Shoreditch Park, and Moving Target is also one of the event sponsors, despite having contributed nothing like as much as Brooks, who are supplying all the competitors with a saddle.

Dalston polo pic: Rakan

There is a whole bunch of messengers, exengers and messenger friends apart from the MT team in the tournament. With a very good shout of winning, Zombie RMY, which is American Mike, Yorgo and Rob, likewise with a good shout of winning, the Spoke Newingtons, featuring James Brown, alongside Max and Jack. Sarah Bunnyhops is riding for Sezza and the Lezzas, and Muna for Team Trouble, alongside Agata and Estelle. There is a serious dark horse entry from Pedalphiles, featuring Zack Speedfast’s representative on this planet, Mikey, as well as Barnesy and Joe. Your humble author is riding for Rollapaluza, with Jos and ‘Mankini’ Dale.

Trixie Polo pic: Agata

I hope that people pass by and take it in – the tournament will be going on from early in the morning till well into the evening and there is an after-party – and perhaps support Moving Target, and the other teams. Speaking for myself, I hope that everyone in the tournament has a good time. And that Moving Target ride their bikes with style and partake of some light refreshment. Speaking of light refreshment, has anyone noticed that half the kids that went to Millportpoloco this year have gone teetotall? What took place to motivate this life-style change?

  1. I witnessed the Pedalphiles secret training session last night in a tesco’s carpark. They were pushing each other around in shopping trolleys and mentioned something about bobsledding. When i told them that Buff the duff and Joss the toss were in a team together they went into a wild frenzy. I fear blood will be spilt in something that is reminiscent of the film “the warriors”. Rollapaluzas come out and play. Zack reporting live from clerkenwell over to you bill.

    — zack speedfast    15 August 2008, 13:28    #
  2. Bobsledding eh?Is that what it’s called nowadays.Disgusting!!!

    — overdrive    15 August 2008, 15:07    #
  3. was fun.
    some pics:

    — mjs    18 August 2008, 08:48    #
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