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Selimski at Joy Ride exhibition opening Weds 17th October
16.10.07 by Buffalo Bill

The Joy Ride exhibition, part of the Bicycle Film Festival, opens tomorrow night at the Maverick Showroom, 62 – 72 Redchurch Street, E2. It’s ‘an art show inspired by the bicycle’.

Two people whose work I admire, and who I am lucky enough to count amongst my friends have pieces in the show. Amy Bolger is a recipient of the Marcus Cook Award as well as being a photographer, and a former NYC bicycle messenger. Selim Korycki is a current London bicycle messenger, as well a fine photographer, and Moving Target is blessed by his pictures.

So I make no apologies for plugging the show. The show is curated by another friend of mine, Laura, and yet another friend of mine, and one of the key organisers of the London edition of the BFF, Roxy, is showing too. I haven’t seen any of her work, but I am sure that it is worth a trip to the East End all on its own.

I don’t know many of the other artists on the list of exhibitors, but one jumps out: Michel Gondry. If you don’t know who he is, look on youtube for him. His shorts are worth a look.

The opening night is open to all, and there’s some sort of party after. Hope to see you all there.

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