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Selim Korycki & the disappearing river
25.11.10 by Buffalo Bill

Much as I hate to find myself recycling House of Pistard 2 days late, Selim is well worth a post. I have used many of Selim’s pics, mostly in the early days of this site (for some examples, have a look here), and it is without hyperbole that I have often said that he is the best messenger photographer. By that I mean he takes the best photos of couriers, and is the best photographer who is also a London messenger. He has now got his own site. There’s some nice pics of ECMC 2009 up there.

However, of more interest to me, fascinated as I am by the ‘lost’ rivers of London, is the Ravensbourne project, which is also featured on the site. The Ravensbourne is one of the Thames’ tributaries, and runs through south east London. Selim asks the question: is the Ravensbourne soon to join the Effra, the Tyburn, the Westbourne, the Fleet, the Falconbrook, the Walbrook and other rivers of London that are already gone or slowly are disappearing from the maps as well as from the common memory?

Do something, but don't blame the victim
Selim's bike has been stolen
Ephraim - out of hospital
Joy Ride Exhibition 18 - 21 October 2007, Maverik Gallery
Selimski at Joy Ride exhibition opening Weds 17th October
Alley Nhatt - what fun!
Selim's pictures of his messenger event odyssey
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Cycle Messenger World Championships
Track stands Saturday after the Prologue
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