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Seattle courts to accept e-filing - messengers out of work?
7.11.08 by Buffalo Bill

Court filings are, or were, a big part of US messengers pay-packets. However more and more districts are now accepting electronic filing. This from Seattle:

The move by King County has several messenger companies in Seattle worried. Ron Belec, who owns North West Legal Support in Seattle, said that many bike couriers lost their jobs when the federal courts system shifted to electronic filing. He predicts many of the remaining 100 to 150 bike messengers will also be out of work when King County makes the transition. “That will be the death for all messengers,” said Belec. “If they do it like they did it in the federal system, the messenger system will just go away.”

  1. holy sh*t!! it’s not the death of the messenger but it definitely will bring the numbers down.

    j.dot    7 November 2008, 13:26    #
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