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Save the Bike Show - and get p*ssed on Saturday
5.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

Resonance FM is a very fine radio station. It is independent, and is genuinely eclectic. This in itself makes it worth preserving.

Jack in action!

However, one of the many shows that feature on its airwaves is The Bike Show. MT likes the Bike Show. No, MT loves The Bike Show. The presenter, Jack Thurston, is a very fine fellow (even if his dress sense may leave a little to be desired), and his show has covered all aspects of cycling in London. He has featured messengers a lot, covering Rollapaluza, Sebastian Lukomski and even finding time to interview MT’s editor.

Resonance FM has a £60 000 hole in its coffers, and will close if the money is not found. To this end, the courierdj’s (and many others) are playing a benefit at the Foundry this Saturday.

Those not able to attend could donate to Resonance here.

  1. bill – is that date right? The poster says its on saturday 7th.

    mickster    5 April 2007, 15:25    #
  2. Bill! How dare you. I consider tweed plus fours to be ideal bicycling wear.

    My latest pair are made in Italy by Beretta. And you know what else Beretta makes…so watch your maaf.

    But thanks for the post. Resonance really does need the cash. None of the programme makers are paid for their work, nor are the engineers. But there are bills to pay, the studio to rent… so if we don’t raise the 60K by August, then it really will be curtains.

    Jack    5 April 2007, 19:08    #
  3. I donated a tenner! It didn’t hurt. It felt good! Try it scumbags!

    — Vagrant    5 April 2007, 19:52    #
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