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San Francisco bicycle courier killed, Ephraim back on a bike
23.05.08 by Buffalo Bill

This from messmedia:

A bicycle messenger who had recently started his own delivery business was killed Wednesday when he was hit by a pickup next to Alamo Square, San Francisco police said.

Kirk Janes, 35, was killed at 10:55 a.m. at Fulton and Steiner streets at the northeast corner of the square. Janes had recently co-founded the business American Flyer

Once again, a reminder of the hazards facing cycle couriers and messengers going about their legitimate business. The only known scientific study on the subject, a 2002 Harvard Medical School report called Occupational Injuries Among Boston Bicycle Messengers, determined that the rate of injury requiring time off work amongst the sample group was three times the next highest, workers in the meat-packing industry, and nearly 13 times the US average. The only study of European couriers, which was conducted as part of Ben Fincham’s research for his paper ‘Generally speaking people are in it for the cycling and the beer’: Bicycle couriers, subculture and enjoyment, published in the Sociological Review issue 55, but not included in the paper, showed similar rates of injury. This paper also determined that average daily wage of a London courier was £65. The UK minimum wage is £49 a day, before deductions.

A list of messengers killed (not all whilst working) world-wide can be found on the messenger memorial site. Moving Target’s own tribute to dead London messengers is here.

On a happier note: whilst I was away, I got the following message from Effri:

I’m back on a bike, which is great. Probably start work next month. Just wanted to say thanks for the support. Please thank everyone else for me. Appreciated, Ephraim.

Moving Target readers contributed over £300 to the injured rider fund, half of which was given to Ephraim. You are brilliant, thank you.

  1. I heard about that on get hot 81 www.gethot81.com/200…

    very sad.

    — iron eye    23 May 2008, 16:25    #
  2. Effri got a couple more sterlings on top of that too, the lucky boy.

    And he reckons he might even be fit enough to ride Stonehenge! Oh my gosh.

    — dazzling    23 May 2008, 17:24    #
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