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Safa Brian
12.01.08 by Buffalo Bill

Just got this email:

London is often grey and gloomy and it takes a special light to brighten these times. Occasionally an extraodinary event has the capacity to make one forget all the negatives. London Calling was one such event, however the light did not dim after it’s end… until today.

The enigma that is known as Safa Brian leaves us at 1800 on the 12th of January 2008 and already i see clouds rolling towards London. I sense a storm brewing, one that no messenger will be able to work through.

My friends the days ahead are dark, let us stick together and pray for the return of our paladin.

Not written by Brian, most likely a Brianger.

  1. good bye Brian, the quiet man of Cyclone. Only ever caught half of what you said on the radio but it was good stuff.

    Will xxx

    — will    13 January 2008, 17:57    #
  2. Brian got a proper send off on friday, doubtful he will remember much, but maybe that’s for the best..

    — sol    14 January 2008, 10:31    #
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