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Ryan Boudreau, Chicago bicycle messenger, killed whilst working
15.08.07 by Buffalo Bill

Ryan Boudreau, pic nicked from Chifix forum

A Chicago bicycle messenger has died after a collision with a truck. According to the local cyclists, the junction where he was killed is very dangerous and heavily traffic-ed. Ryan was 27, and was father to 2 children.

I am sure that everyone will join with me in sending our condolences to the family and friends of Ryan.

In 1999, Chicago bicycle messenger Thomas Mcbride was killed by a collision with the SUV (4×4) driven by Carnell Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick was found guilty of murder, and sentenced to serve 45 years in prison. There is no suggestion in any of the reports of Ryan’s death that the driver was responsible, either negligently or intentionally, for the fatal collision. But whatever the circumstances, Ryan’s death is a tragedy and should be taken as a reminder that the occupation of bicycle messenger is hazardous.

There will be a memorial ride this Friday in Chicago.


Chicago Sun-Times report on the memorial ride is here.

Ryan’s obituary is here.

The Chicago Couriers Union myspace page.

Chicagoland Bicycle Federation web-site.

Report from the Industrial Workers of the World.

Tragedy strikes the CCU

It is with profound sadness that I write to tell you all that FW Ryan Boudreau, a bicycle messenger in the Chicago Couriers Union (IU 540), was killed on the job yesterday. He was struck by a northbound truck at the intersection of 18th and S. Clark streets at about 3:15 yesterday afternoon. The newspaper reports that it was ruled an accident by the police.

I don’t have too many details yet, but CCU members and supporters are planning a general meeting Wednesday evening to plan actions surrounding Ryan’s death and will hold a memorial ride.

FW Boudreau was a dedicated member of the IWW and the CCU and fought for an end to NICA and the anti-courier regulations at 135 S Lasalle.

We will keep the rest of you posted with information as it develops.

Keep Ryan’s family, the Chicago Couriers, and the rest of us in Chicago who are feeling this tragic loss of a Fellow Worker in your thoughts and prayers such as they may be. An injury to one is an injury to all!


Greg Ehrendreich
Chicago GMB Secretary-Treasurer

Matt Kellard, Bay Area IWW.

Chicago Sun-Times report
August 14, 2007
A 27-year-old bike messenger was reportedly killed instantly when he was hit by a truck in the South Loop neighborhood on Monday [13th August] afternoon.

The bike messenger, who was identified by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office as Ryan Boudreau, of the 4000 block of North Oakley Avenue, was working when a truck struck him and killed him instantly, according to a Central District police captain. One of the bike’s wheels was badly bent in the collision, the captain said.

Boudreau was riding the bicycle west on 18th Street in the eastbound lanes and made a left turn to go south on Clark Street when he went into the northbound curb lane and collided with a northbound truck, according to Police News Affairs Officer David Banks. The truck had a green light, Banks said.

The accident occurred about 3:15 p.m. Monday at Clark and 18th streets, according to police News Affairs. Paramedics were called to the scene but the bicyclist was not taken to a hospital, according to Fire Media Affairs Cmdr. Will Knight.

No citations were issued, according to police News Affairs Sgt. Eugene Mullins.

Pronouncement information was not available early Tuesday.

  1. ya know, when this happened, and I knew and liked Ryan, the whole “an injury to one is an injury to all” shit pissed me off…I rode these streets for over six years and the political bullshit always struck me as “off” in one way or another. People choose a living, people decide an affliation, just because my outward choices seem close to your does not mean we are the same…ever seen “Falling Down”…it’s a damn job, fun at times, bullshit most others…it was a great time in my life until everyone sought to make it their own…bike messengers don’t need, nor do they seek, for the most part, a fucking a union tag…the economics of such a move in chicago would destroy a stronghold of individualism candidly beloved by many who have called the streets their own for years…so just shut the fuck up with your “collective action”….hey no offense to anyone seriously trying to make things better, I just got damn tired of people listening to themselves talk…

    — Theo Forand    15 November 2008, 08:53    #
  2. hey, ya know…I realize I had been reading alot about this tonight and posted to the wrong site….oh well…I guess I just get worked up….I stand by everything though…

    — Theo Forand    15 November 2008, 08:56    #
  3. Right Theo. An injury to one isn’t an injury to all. Funny, Nhatt et al were just talking about collective action over on the forum, the inspiration for which was Nhatt finding some words by former Chicago messenger Jack Blackfelt.

    — Bill    15 November 2008, 11:33    #
  4. Condolences to the family and friends of Ryan from the LCEF

    — overdrive    15 November 2008, 12:50    #
  5. Just noticed this happened last year.Meant it all the same.

    — overdrive    17 November 2008, 08:26    #
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