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Rollapaluza Winter League
12.11.08 by Buffalo Bill

Mid-week roller races from my friends at Rollapaluza. First 2 are Wednesday 19th November at the White Hart, 1 Mile End Road and 3rd December at the Horseshoe, 24 Clerkenwell Close. Qualifying from 6, finals from 9. £5 entry, and there’s an open mic spot for wannabe MCs, and open decks for wannabe DJs. More at Rollapaluza’s web-site.

More roller-race stuff on the contents tab of this site, including this short history of messenger roller-races.

  1. an open mic spot for wannabe MCs you say? Hmmm!

    — Iron Eye    12 November 2008, 15:45    #
  2. Dont tell Badman!!!!

    — overdrive    12 November 2008, 16:21    #
  3. Please get someone besides stevie. Surely not everyone who can talk into a microphone is a sexist cnut?

    — nhatt    12 November 2008, 21:08    #
  4. links to results are on the league page here:


    bottom of page

    Winston    20 November 2008, 12:38    #
  5. The league continues this Wednesday the 11th February, with a 1000m event at the Horseshoe, Clerkenwell Close, EC1 from 6pm.

    Rollapaluza are intending to trial their new digital timing system at this event.


    Winston    9 February 2009, 10:24    #
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