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Rollapaluza VIII 28th July, Waterloo Action Centre
18.07.07 by Buffalo Bill

As part of London’s Calling, the Official pre-event of the Cycle Messenger World Championships, a night of old-school rock’n‘roller racing, featuring bands, beer and static bicycle racing is scheduled. Now called Rollapaluza VIII, it’s free for all registered participants in London’s Calling (register here), and £5 if you are not.

The Deadley Treadleys, London’s finest bicycle messenger band, are playing and the beer will be good. There’s also a chance that the much-missed (though often cursed!) Tofu will be there too!

  1. NOTE- Change of title.
    None of us are actually messengers any more so from now on we will be know as ‘London’s finest controller band!’

    — Walshy    18 July 2007, 13:24    #
  2. Can’t you get Twitchy to be your go-go dancer or something?

    — Bill    18 July 2007, 19:34    #
  3. Londons finest fakenger band

    — che fakenger    19 July 2007, 08:55    #
  4. I’m coming to this.
    But don’t expect the trains to be running on time from Waterloo, not after I park my todger on platform 1..platform 2, 3, 4, 5 etc..

    I shall ride there on a bicycle, of course.

    You know Paul, roller racing is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman;
    It’s all about getting on stage, working up a sweat, and beating your best friend into submission..

    — Swiss Tony    19 July 2007, 22:35    #
  5. I shall beat you all with my spin to win attitude.

    — Caspar    20 July 2007, 16:07    #
  6. Mmmm…

    — Blob    20 July 2007, 17:27    #
  7. With one post someone has shown me the benefits of retaining anonimity on these forums. I fear this may be the first of many fake ‘Caspar’ posts.

    — caspar    20 July 2007, 19:49    #
  8. Yeah, you didn’t see what it said before I edited it. Not funny.

    — Bill    21 July 2007, 07:07    #
  9. I fear i have been followed. This may be my last posting. REDRUM REDRUM

    — Caspar    23 July 2007, 10:52    #
  10. .

    — .    23 July 2007, 10:59    #
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