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5.06.07 by Buffalo Bill

Rollapaluza Rollers
After the Catford Roller Disaster (50 years of sporting history dumped in a land-fill by white van men), the people that had been running Rollapaluza, basically Kaspar, decided that the time had come to buy a roller set of their own.

Using Jos Da Boss as an agent, a set of competition rollers that had been languishing in the possession of a bouncy-castle rental agent somewhere in Holland was brought over to the UK, arriving in time for Rollapaluza VII and Raphapaluza.

However, as we found at Rollapaluza VII, the rollers were a little lumpy and not quite up to the pounding that is a London messenger roller race. Repairs were made and now the rollers are smoother than the roads that will be used for the Tour prologue. And ready to re-launch roller racing as the best night out you can have with your trousers on.

Available for hire, the Rollapaluza crew will be bringing roller racing to a venue very near you, very soon. Check out the official site here.

  1. birmingham!

    mess of doom    5 June 2007, 13:30    #
  2. but these are not, strictly speaking, true rollers, are they?

    those would be the ones where there are two rollers on the real wheel AND a roller on the front. So the rider actually has to do some balancing. See picture below:

    The fixed frontwheel rollers have the feel of an exercise bike you might find down the gym, or a turbotrainer. What chance of finding a pair of the classic rollers? I know one of the guys at the London Bicycle Repair Shop in Waterloo has got a set, though whether they could be rigged up to a clock I have no idea.

    Jack    5 June 2007, 16:24    #
  3. Actually, the set in the picture that you have posted IS the same set that we used on 5 occasions, and the dutch set can be used as a ‘free’ rollers. And in terms of authenticity, the dutch rollers are ‘proper’ large diameter competition rollers whereas the Catford are small diameter ‘warm-up’ rollers.

    And look, the guy is being held up.

    — Bill    5 June 2007, 17:05    #
  4. PS I am sure the Rollapaluza crew will be making no apologies for making roller-racing more ‘accessible’ and ‘user-friendly’.

    Is that the same as dumbing down?

    — Bill    5 June 2007, 18:15    #
  5. As Neil proved all those years ago it is possible to fall off whether there is a brace on the front wheel or not.

    — Caspar    5 June 2007, 20:08    #
  6. I reckon the possibility of someone flying off the rollers into the crowd due to overbalancing would add greatly to the overall excitement levels!! I think they’re holding on to him just while he starts up. Once the wheel gets moving nicely they’ll be able to step away.

    I’m all about authenticity this month.

    Jack    5 June 2007, 20:11    #
  7. Jack take your negativity and leave. I have footage of neil crashing in the roller race. He is a farmer now in S.A. Jack you are not a farmer now go!

    — Smack    5 June 2007, 21:02    #
  8. Catford Roller Disaster?
    Hindenburg.. again??

    hippy    5 June 2007, 21:02    #
  9. surry roads cc have the quickest set of rollers in london, you easily get 17sec for 500m out of them. as for holding when i raced the indoor winter roller leagues in south london we was held up all the time, alot of it due to power and unsmooth riding, people tend to pull on the bars during a race, the idea is to just rest your hands on the bars just like when you are out on the road, im surprised that you dont flip the bars up so the bars are higher for the riders position, better air intake = quicker times.
    in the 6 years of racing indoors in never saw anyone come off the rollers when being held up.

    — lee411 downunder    6 June 2007, 02:54    #
  10. Yeah, it’s funny watching the techniques that people use on the rollers. Gertie ALWAYS rides in the hooks, despite being told on numerous occasions that it’s “wrong”, and the guy who won the open comp at Raphapaluza, Simon, arched his back, put his head down and generally did everything you aren’t supposed to – but still won!

    — Bill    6 June 2007, 12:51    #
  11. ‘User friendly’?? Pah! I’m with Jack all the way on this one. This season I’ll be rockin’ my 98” Ordinary on the wheels of steel. Hoping those new Dutch jobbies can accomodate a 6 foot wheelbase… People, ya gotta keep it real.

    mickster    6 June 2007, 13:26    #
  12. Lee411’s right about the Surrey Roads rollers being the quickest. Fastest times and records for all the S London rollers are here. There’s also a link there to the 2006 SL results.

    mickster    6 June 2007, 15:51    #
  13. Keeping it real? You boys are talking about roller racing in the back of a club room with tea and buns for sale. And a maximum turn out of ten.
    No, let me tell you: you do want the front forks attached during a messenger roller race. The bar doesn’t serve tea, you understand.

    — Therese    10 June 2007, 23:53    #
  14. Yeah like Therese said eat your buns and shove it

    — keeping it fakenger    11 June 2007, 10:19    #
  15. Ten? Eh, just means more buns for the rest of us. And that’s just plain exaggeration anyway. At least a couple of spectators can be relied on to bring their dogs with them, or are we suddenly only counting humans? Hell, they’re some of our noisiest supporters them pooches…

    mickster    11 June 2007, 16:30    #
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