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Ripley Cycle Jumble this Saturday - see you there!
26.03.07 by Buffalo Bill

Just in case any of you readers were worried that the only thing on my mind was… ...ok I won’t mention it…

I need a wheel for my Cooper road bike. And seeing as it’s got 126mm rear drop-outs, the only place that I am likely to find such an item for cheap is Ripley. I will be going along to Ripley C of E School, Wentworth Close, Ripley, Surrey, this Sat 31st March at 10am. Last time I was there I picked up a hideous purple and yellow Cinelli jersey for Tofu. And a really nice wool-mix Santini jersey for me for not-so-cheap.

I will probably be drinking cheap tea, and eating huge cakes, and avoiding the crush around the track frames. The London messenger tradition is to get really drunk at the Duke on Friday, pile back to a South London courier tenement for tea and performance-inhibitors in the early hours, then catch the 7am train in the hope of snapping up the fixie bargains. But I’m not that silly.

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