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Ripley Cycle Jumble
1.04.07 by Buffalo Bill

my kinda fixed-wheel bike!

So I went to Ripley, and bought some old stuff. And ate cake and drank tea, provided by the charming ladies of the Veteran Cycles Club. I always get a little confused by that name. Is it a club for veteran cyclists or a club for cyclists who ride veteran cycles?

As usual, the messengers had arrived shortly after the crack of dawn, and snapped up all the cheap track stuff. I say all, but when I got there, there was still a very nice looking Argos pursuit frame, with an extended seat tube, long top tube and unfeasibly steep forks going begging for around £75. Just perfect for attacking the Picadilly Underpass, I would have thought.

I bumped into Marco, who was walking around trying to sell cheap track stuff, which was a nice reversal. He told me that he hasn’t seen the famous video of him crashing into a wall in Tofu’s farewell alleycat. So, Marco, this is especially for you.

The next cycle jumble at Ripley is June 30th, organised by Charlotteville C.C., in the village hall, not the school. The next ‘proper’ Ripley Cycle Jumble is October 6th 2007.

  1. Hi

    Do you know when the 2008 Ripley cycle jumbles are?



    — Steve Bettell    4 March 2008, 09:50    #
  2. Check campyoldy.com

    — Bill    4 March 2008, 10:42    #
  3. Hey Bill,
    Are any of us going to get to see andy this time around, even less time this time..
    Cheers, jake

    — jake Opperman    9 October 2008, 13:37    #
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