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Rider down, BFF *lleycat Friday 15th October
5.10.10 by Overdrive

Seamus pic: Susanne Guenther

It’s London’s turn to host the Bicycle Film Festival again and Laura, one of the organisers, somehow decided it would be a good idea to ask me to put on the annual BFF *lleycat race. Of course I agreed to do it but there are some small changes this time. It’ll take place on the Friday evening rather than the Saturday and will end at a party in an attempt to get more couriers to race. I’m planning a point to point course with some excellent prizes for those who do well.

What I didn’t plan for was a phone call I recently received from Niki Kronenbourg with some rather bad news. It seems one of our number has taken a tumble and will be off the road for a month or so. But it isn’t just any courier who’s fallen off it’s Seamus, or as he’s affectionately known by most, Sea Mouse. A veteran rider and purveyor of awful jokes, Seamus is one of the characters and a sweet bloke who is well liked in the courier community. So, Niki asks, can we put on a benefit alleycat for him? I agreed it would be the right thing to do but I’m gonna be busy organising the BFF cat.

We then had a brainwave,why not merge the BFF cat with the benefit cat for Seamus? We can definitely get couriers to race then!

I explained this to Laura and she agreed it’d be a good idea and it’s another opportunity to show our fellow fallen rider how much we care – and we do care. So,the BFF/Seamus *lleycat race will take place on friday 15th October. Meet at the Duke of York or as it’s now known the er…Clerk and Well at 7.30pm if you’re gonna race or not. £5 minimum donation is what we’re asking but even if you don’t race please come and make a donation, it’ll be much appreciated. Good luck to all who race, and heal quick Sea Mouse.

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  1. You are right. His jokes are truly the worst. So bad, I had to change my phone number, so as to avoid receiving more of his texts.

    I can’t think of a nicer guy, though. Get well soon, Sea Mouse!

    — Bill    5 October 2010, 09:50    #
  2. Apparantly it was a multi courier pile-up, Sheamus and James (the boat) collided at 20+mph outside the Duke wrecking both bikes with both of them still off work…

    — JP    5 October 2010, 22:00    #
  3. Thanks to everyone who turned up for this.The racers,checkpoint marshalls and to those that very kindly that donated cash.It’s nights like last night that bring us all together as one big happy drunken family!Cheers.

    — overdrive    16 October 2010, 12:29    #
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