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Read this: the Government doesn't want you to
29.12.05 by Buffalo Bill

This is nothing to do with bicycle messengering, but does concern you, if you are a British citizen. A long time ago, the government of this country signed the United Nations Convention against Torture. The following letters from Her Majesty’s Ambassador (HMA) in Uzbekistan, as he was, Craig Murray, show that Her Majesty’s Government (HMG), has used intelligence that has been obtained by torture in Uzbeki jails. As can be seen, HMA Murray not only protested that HMG was in breach of the spirit, if not the lettter, of the Convention, but had serious doubts about the quality of the intelligence that was being passed to our intelligence services.

Furthermore, this memo shows that Foreign Office lawyers have tried to finesse the Convention, to show that HMG’s use of this ‘torture talk’ was not breaching the letter of the Convention, despite knowing that torture is almost universal in Uzbeki jails. For those of you that are struggling to place Uzbekistan, it was formerly part of the Soviet Union (blimey, remember that?) and borders the north of Afghanistan. This is Amnesty International’s Annual Report on human rights abuses in Uzbekistan in the year 2004.

Why am I posting these documents? HMG has threatened all who publish these leaked documents with prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. So HMG collusion in illegal and degrading acts of torture and other violations of human rights, against the advice of our own Ambassador is an Official Secret. I think this is a load of bollox, and if I and others post these documents, then the thinking is that they can’t lock us all up, and in any case would look pretty stupid if they do, as the documents will have been spread all over the web. Well, I hope they don’t, cos I don’t fancy being banged up with a load of pasty-faced bloggers.

More on this story.

I promise the next post will be totally about London bicycle messengers, and will have no political overtones whatsoever. Well, only a few.

  1. blair is a bush cock sucker. don’t moan if you cant change. I am above the law and out of it for as long as I can away with it. Congeston charge, oyster, ID cards, TV license. you are paying for the gov to keep tabs on yourself. theyll never take me alive. for I am legion.

    — gadon the wonderer    10 January 2006, 18:13    #
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