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'Rare' 2nd hand Zo bag sells for $511
29.08.09 by Buffalo Bill

Erik Zo is, with Andy Capp, probably one of my best friends in messengerdom. I see from his ebay listing (his ebay seller id is kaiben_v) that he is occasionally selling new Zo bags for around $250. This is around $150 more than what I paid him for my burgundy Gravy Dog 10 years ago.

But given that a 2nd hand bag, admittedly in rare world championship colours, has just sold for $511, I think Erik has probably got his pricing about right. It’s worth noting that, according to the bid history, 4 people bid up to $399 in this auction. Although this bag design is rare, I think Erik sold less than 20, in function it is exactly the same as any other Zo bag. That is to say, simple in design, and perfectly suited to the its task.

Erik also gave away 5-stripers to the winners of CMWC 94, so there is no question that this is a bit of messenger history, but possibly the most desirable Zo would be the very few 5 stripers that he made with a red and black tartan panel. But I doubt that any of the owners of these, amongst whose number is multiple messenger race winner, and London & TO exenger, Crissi Pearce, would ever part with them.

I used to own a five-striper, but unfortunately lost it in a park in Shoreditch at the end of a very drunken evening which started at the Jon Snow and finished I know not where.

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  1. Someone out there has a 500 USD courier bag that thinks is something to be admired and possibly envied.Sad.And don’t tell me he got it because he is going to use it for work.That would be even more sad.

    — Kostas    29 August 2009, 11:13    #
  2. How about this: darwin

    Buys bags on eBay, sells them in japan for 2x – 4x as much.

    — m    29 August 2009, 18:21    #
  3. i’m holding onto the one i bought from eric in 2000 in the hope that i can sell it and retire on the proceeds in a couple of years.

    — footlong    2 September 2009, 12:58    #
  4. Used to ride for Silver Bullet and Western Mess. I guess I should put my Zo gear under the house insurance…

    — Aaron the Canuck    10 January 2011, 20:13    #
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