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Raphapaluza - the winter series - 1st race 17th November
31.10.07 by Buffalo Bill

After last night’s dry run, there’s news of a 3 event roller race featuring the Rollapaluza crew, a boy and girl messenger team, a mystery dutch team (doubtless packed with ringers and fish and chippers) and the London messenger’s favourite clothing company, Rapha.

Kicking off on 17th November at the Classic Car Club, 240 Old Street, the Rapha press release quotes Simon Mottram thus:

‘“This will be a fantastic night of roller racing entertainment!’

The other races are scheduled for January and March. The public will be charged £10 on the door (advance tickets available from Rapha for £8), but Moving Target is able to bring you the news that messengers will be admitted for half-price: £5.

The messenger team is being put together by Ian and Jos. I hope to be able to bring you more news about that very soon.

For more about past roller races, go to the contents tab and click ‘rollapaluza’.

  1. i almost choked when i read that. Favourite clothing eh? Why is it that companies like rapha have to try and be hip and down with the scene. Yeah lets organise a roller race and we will put it in a boxing ring. Oh what a great idea. And we can get everyone to chant rapha between races ooh get her.

    — Raphashight    31 October 2007, 20:35    #
  2. This ones a PPI. Super-de-regulated, shamone. On yer bike!

    — Gordon Clown    31 October 2007, 21:13    #
  3. Piss off raphas clothing is shit hot! its just very expencive, thats all. its good that they are organise a roller race. so stop being a whiney Bitch. “OHHH rapha is the suppressor” its a clothing company you Human Paraquat.

    — Mapha    1 November 2007, 08:26    #
  4. “you human paraquat”


    — Bill    1 November 2007, 09:13    #
  5. i think you will find that rapha is getting everyone else to organise a roller race and will just be sponsoring it numbnuts.

    — HMMM    1 November 2007, 13:49    #
  6. what th fecks a ‘paraquat’.cnuts!

    — overdrive    1 November 2007, 16:33    #
  7. Actually, I think you will find that Rapha is paying some people to organise a roller race. That’s called sponsorship.

    — Bill    1 November 2007, 18:30    #
  8. od you ought to see the Big Lebowski if you don’t know

    — El Duderino    1 November 2007, 18:31    #
  9. The Dude abides.

    — Bill    1 November 2007, 18:38    #
  10. rapha’s clothing is extremely overpriced for the quality, definitely doesn’t last as long as endura and other brands if you’re wearing it for more than just a sunday spin. Plus, they only seem to give prizes to London and NY. Promises, Promises.

    — fakenger extraordinaire    6 November 2007, 11:25    #
  11. bunch of mincers if you ask me. A dirty bin bag is good enough for most of us couriers why would we want to spend 120pounds on a pink wool top that has a bit of paper in the pocket talking about some dead road racer.

    — mince    6 November 2007, 15:17    #
  12. messengers aren’t cool anymore – only dead roadies, the stuff is expensive to ensure you’re definitely not wearing it.

    — _targetbot    7 November 2007, 06:59    #
  13. 3 missiles are fired from Z space station on a direct course for perren st

    — zack speedfast    7 November 2007, 15:09    #
  14. You’ll probably miss again and hit Nadav Kander, Speedcnut.

    — _targetbot    7 November 2007, 15:51    #
  15. Targetcock i hear you are going on a ride to brighton with a bunch of fakengers. Have you seen the film quadrophenia? The messengers will be waitin for you we are gunna bust you up…

    I suck at missile firing. _targetbot is god.

    — zack speedfast    7 November 2007, 16:42    #
  16. we are the mods we are the mods we are the mods

    — mods    7 November 2007, 16:43    #
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