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Raphapaluza Have-A-Go Male Finals
16.02.07 by Buffalo Bill

Simon Jackson. pic Ben Brown
The Have-a-go race was open to all. Qualification took place over 2 hours in the far corner of the hall (next to the bar) and was very popular. 26 people entered, 1 person twice, and the top 8 times qualified for the knockout. Disney had to leave and Jos was too shy (or something). Mark Denton’s time was a full second quicker than 2nd place, which must be some sort of record. Susanne’s qualification time was quicker than 3 guys. As there were 2 dropouts from the female team competition, Susanne and Nhatt were drafted in as replacements, therefore there was no female Have-a-go. The qualifers were seeded 1st against 8th, 2nd against 7th and so on, with the aim of keeping the 2 fastest qualifiers apart until the final (assuming the races went according to the seeding).

Mark Denton, Velo Club de Londres bt Hugh Stephenson
James Leach Twickenham CC bt Martin Cowan
Tim ‘Birdman’ bt Kaspar (you donkey)
Simon Jackson, Team Putney Cycles bt Dan, Team Manchester

Mark Denton bt James Leach
Simon Jackson bt Tim ‘Birdman’ (youtube video here)

A minor final is a race between beaten semi-finalists to determine 3rd and 4th places. At some later date I will publish a discourse on why podiums only have 3 steps, a question that is on the lips of all cycling fans, at least it is in this part of NW5.

James Leach bt Tim ‘Birdman’

The final matched up fastest qualifier and roller-race afficianado, Mark Denton against Bendy King Simon Jackson. Simon’s style on the rollers is all wrong. He grips the bars low down, he arches his back and he tucks his chin into his chest. His uniquely disturbing technique, whatever its asthetics merits, had, however proved brutally effective. And so it proved in the final; Simon led from start to finish.

Watch the youtube video here=

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