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Rapha Roller Race Schedule of Events
9.02.07 by Buffalo Bill

All night

DJs Matt, Stevie R, Sleepy, Richard & JonoZeroOne entertain us with their selections

8pm-10pm, in the back of the venue somewhere, Have-a-go qualifying rounds

Open competition. Each participant sets a 500 metre standing start time. Top 8 male and female times qualify for knockout round.

8pm (Main stage) Team competition qualifying rounds.

Each member of the 4 male and 2 female teams are timed to establish who is the quickest member of the team. These times enable the race captain to seed the team members.

9pm (Main stage) Team competition knockout round 1.

Seeding the quickest rider against the slowest member of opposing teams, the head to head racing begins.

10pm (Main stage) Team competition quarter finals male.

The winners of round 1 race again. The losers drink beer and feel grateful that they dont have to race again.

10.15pm (Main stage) Have-a-go quarter finals.

The 8 best men and women race off, slowest against fastest.

The racing will be intense.  Bongo at Rollapaluza VII.  Pic by Selim

10.45pm on the stage. Semi finals all competitions.

With only 4 riders left in the have a go male and female, and the team competition male and female these races will be intense.

11.15pm (Main stage) Minor finals all competitions.

The losing semi-finalists race each other to determine 3rd place in all competitions.

11.30pm (Main stage) Finals all competitions.

11.45pm on the stage. Prize presentations.

12 midnight.
The lucky winners, clutching their swag, leave happy. As does everyone else (but without swag).

Note: the winners of the team competition will be determined by awarding points to team members as follows:
1st place – 1 point, 2nd – 2, 3rd – 3, 4th – 4, losing quarter finalist – 8, losing round 1 – 16, overall winners team with least points.

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