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Rapha Roller Race II Results
18.11.07 by Buffalo Bill

Team competition male qualification results

  1. Janky James, Messenger – 20.46
  2. Charlie, Messenger – 20.78
  3. Jos, Dutch – 21.21
  4. Tomkov, Dutch – 21.23
  5. Seb, Messenger – 21.36
  6. Simon Richardson, Journo – 21.54
  7. Nelly, Journo – 21.58
  8. Nick Hussey, Fireflies – 21.62
  9. Sneeko, Dutch – 22.09
  10. Dazzler, Messenger – 22.46
  11. Renee, Dutch – 22.81
  12. Matt Seaton, Journo – 22.90
  13. Andy, Journo – 23.04
  14. Phil Tidy, Fireflies – 23.09
  15. Jonny Parker, Fireflies – 23.59
  16. Llyr Wynn Jones, Fireflies – 25.14

Team competition female qualification results

  1. Emma Cairns, Fireflies – 24.58
  2. Tracey Cahoon, Fireflies – 26.07
  3. Julia, Messenger – 26.59
  4. Tanya Long, Messenger – 27.28
  5. Claire, Fireflies – 28.02
  6. Mareka, Fireflies – 28.29
  7. Sarah Cupid, Messenger – 28.56
  8. Niki Kronenbourg, Messenger – 29.58

The purpose of recording qualifying times for the team competition is to seed the fastest team member against the slowest member from an opposing team. In this way, a race organiser hopes to get the fastest guys racing later against each other, creating more of a spectacle, possibly even a dead-heat. Crowds love dead-heats!

Have-a-go qualification results

  1. Simon Jackson – 23.66
  2. Caspar Rollapaluza – 24.97
  3. Simon Warren – 25.06
  4. Justin – 25.35
  5. Safa Brian – 26.03
  6. Andy Casson – 26.19
  7. Scott Murphy – 26.19
  8. Peter – 27.38
  9. Dave Corrigan – 27.81
  10. Phil Aspen – 28.03
  11. David Hurren – 28.12
  12. Fat Bastard Hippy – 28.50
  13. Vivorn – 28.54
  14. Linus – 29.22
  15. Liam – 29.50
  16. Jono 01 Atkinson – 29.90
  17. Fat Boy Ralph – 30.03
  18. Bill Parker – 30.13
  19. Dave Franklin – 30.38
  20. Tim Holmes – 31.31
  21. Ian Hayter – 31.41
  22. Dale – 31.50
  23. Martin James – 32.18
  24. Ultan – 33.69

These times were recorded on the Catford C.C. rollers. It’s pretty clear from the times that this set-up is around 3.5 seconds slower than the Rollapaluza rig. Thanks to Gerty and Rosine for doing the necessary. Top 8 times (less Caspar!) qualified for the finals.

Team competion male knock-out round 1
Janky James, Messenger bt Andy, Journo
Tomkov, Dutch bt Jonny Parker, Fireflies
Charlie, Messenger bt Matt Seaton, Journo
Jos, Dutch bt Paul (stand-in for Llyr), Fireflies
SeBo, Messenger bt Simon Richardson, Journo
Nick Hussey, Fireflies bt Rene, Dutch
Nelly, Journo bt Dazzler, Messenger
Sneeko, Dutch bt Phil Tidy, Fireflies

It was Phil Tidy’s birthday. But Sneeko, looking not more than half Phil’s age, was in no mood to give presents. Elsewhere, the man who predicted the imminent demise of couriereriring, Matt Seaton, was soundly and comprehensively beaten by Charlie, a live, strong and pedalling messenger.

Have-a-go quarter finals
Simon Jackson bt Dave Corrigan
Simon Warren bt Peter
Scott Murphy bt Justin
Safa Brian bt Andy Casson

Team competition male quarter finals
Tomkov, Dutch bt Janky James, Messenger
Charlie, Messenger bt Jos, Dutch
SeBo, Messenger bt Nick Hussey, Fireflies
Nelly, Journo bt Sneeko, Dutch

With 2 riders in the semi-finals, the male Messenger team won the competition comprehensively. Well done, guys, you capped off a fantastic year for London messengers.

Team competition female quarter-finals
Emma, Fireflies bt Nikki, Messenger
Tracey, Fireflies bt Sarah, Messenger
Tanya, Messenger bt Claire, Fireflies
Julia, Messenger bt Mareka, Fireflies

Tanya and Sarah staged the only dead-heat of the evening! Dead-heats are great to watch – but awful to ride. It can be difficult to lift yourself mentally, and the mental strength can often be as important as the physical ability to spin your legs faster than an over-clocked food-blender. Earlier Emma Cairns had recorded the fastest ever time by a female, 22.48, in beating Niki.

I would just like to pay tribute to all the riders who got up and raced. Especially those who were up against riders that had recorded much faster times. Roller racing is intimidating: getting up on stage in front of baying crowd, or even into a boxing ring with an obnoxious MC berating your performance, your past deeds or even your choice of socks. So well done Niki and Matt especially. I know that I was a little mean to both of you, but I hope you realise that I love you.

Have-a-go semi-finals
Simon Jackson bt Safa Brian
Scott Murphy bt Simon Warren

Simon Jackson registered a new record of 20.09

Team competition male semi-finals
Charlie, Messenger bt Tomkov, Dutch
SeBo, Messenger bt Nelly, Journo

Did I say that the male messenger team won? They absolutely trounced the opposition to set up an all messenger final.

Team competition female semi-final
Emma, Fireflies bt Tracey, Fireflies
Julia, Messenger bt Tanya, Messenger

Have-a-go finals
Simon Jackson bt Scott Murphy

Simon set another record: 19.80. Jesus, man, give it a rest!

Team competition male final
SeBo bt Charlie both messengers!

The best part about this is that Sebo and Charlie are really nice guys, and they are new to this messenger roller racing thing. Bring on the new school! Messengers rule!

Team competition femal final
Emma, Fireflies bt Julia, Messenger

So the Fireflies girls win this time. Last time it was the girl messengers who saved messenger honour in the face of the boys total and utter defeat and humiliation at the first Raphapaluza. This time Fireflies girls won, and Fireflies boys were last. Emma Cairns is the new Queen of the Rollers. Her quickest time was quicker than all bar one of the boy Fireflies, and quite a few other males. Special mention to Tracey, who raced despite being in considerable pain from a malignant wisdom tooth. It was only after the administration of whiskey and pain-killers that she was well enough to race.

So all in all a grand old night of rock ‘n’ roller racing. Thanks to all who raced, all who shouted, the band Cyclones, the excellent DJs, Amy and Fleur, the Rollapaluza crew, Rapha and especially Therese Bjorn.

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  1. Couple more photos here:

    Alex Balfour    18 November 2007, 17:50    #
  2. we’ve created a roller racing flickr group if anyone wants to post pics there:


    Winston    19 November 2007, 13:55    #
  3. I am a member of Halesowen CC asked to see what equipment is available commercially for roller racing in our own premises. My last experience of such was Brighton Dome in the Fifties! Your advice would be very welcome.

    — Walter Fowler    4 April 2008, 12:36    #
  4. I recommend you take a look at www.rollapaluza.com

    — Bill    4 April 2008, 13:04    #
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