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Radio 4 documentary on London's cycle couriers
19.08.08 by Buffalo Bill

From the Guardian’s radio reviewer:

Yesterday’s radio featured two engrossing urban stories with very different moods. City Messengers (Radio 4), a beautifully produced documentary, glimpsed into the lives of cycle couriers. The toughness of the job was made clear (“most people quit in the first week”) but the portrayal – a rich soundscape of music and traffic noise, plus intriguing slivers of interview – left you associating it with wanderlust and non-conformity. It was hard not to like Will, 43, who has been a courier since 1992. He doesn’t mind when people are snooty about his job, seeing it as a “really quick way of sifting out that I’m not going to get along with [them]”.

If you want to listen again to this show, which also features London bicycle belle, and Moving Target correspondent, Ms Nhatt Attack, you can do so for the next few days here. Moving Target readers have their own views here.

You can listen to the whole show again here, even if you aren’t in the UK!

  1. Well that kinda brought it all back, though still hard to take Bill seriously. Hi to all SD boys and girls – I believe gertie, curley and badabing are still about. Mark give me a bell.

    — countrymansam    24 August 2008, 19:01    #
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