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Questions in the House - Lee Scott MP gets the HGV cyclist death figure for the last 3 years for which they are available
8.05.07 by Buffalo Bill

That is a quite a title! As I reported here, the recent media coverage of the HGV cyclist issue has pushed it onto the national agenda. 2 MPs have asked questions of the Department of Transport. Lee Scott was kind enough to forward the written answer from the DTp or DfT or whatever stupid acronym it is that they are using now. Here it is in full:


For answer on: Monday 30 April 2007

Date answered: Tuesday 1 May 2007

DfT Ref: 2116 06/07

Mr Lee Scott (Ilford North) Party: CON

208: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport, how many (a) male and (b) female cyclists have been killed in accidents involving heavy goods vehicles in the last three years for which figures are available. [135309]

Dr Ladyman

The number of (a) male and (b) female that have been killed in reported personal injury road accidentts involving at least one heavy goods vehicles in each of the last three years for which figures are available is given below

2003 Male 14 Female 12 2004 M 15 F 7 2005 M 23 F 3

The total therefore is 26, 22 and 26 for the UK. It will be remembered that the annual average for London around 8 for the same period. Which means that around a third of all cyclists killed by HGVs die on the streets of London. It also means that although there is concentration of these grisly deaths in London, the problem is by no means confined to the capital. See here for yet more stats on the numbers of cyclists killed by lorries/HGVs in London.

I would like to thank Lee Scott MP for both finding the time to ask the question, and also for forwarding the details of the answer to MT.

  1. Maybe you can prevail upon your new best friend Lee Scott MP to ask a follow-up question asking for the postcodes and/or constituencies in which these fatal collisions took place. Then it will be possible to target the relevant MPs themselves, on behalf of their now deceased constituents.

    Jack    9 May 2007, 19:03    #
  2. Thats too many dead people. Some of these deaths could be avoided by making the proper mirrors mandatory on all trucks.


    www.bikesthatfold.com – all about folding bikes.

    DrK    12 May 2007, 12:35    #
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