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Project Messenger
3.11.08 by Buffalo Bill

This pic is nice, but not so sure about the accompanying blurb, which says that ‘Projectmessenger is a long term thematic and lifestyle exploration of the bike messenger community that will be printed as a book in 2010. This exhibit scratches the surface of a much larger body of work that Jerome has shot over the course of the past 11 years.

Known for his striking portraits, razor sharp style and ability to capture softness in that which is often not soft, Jerome’s connection to the people he shoots is intimate, personal and tribal. On and off the road as a Montreal bike messenger from 1997 to 2004 while building up his freelance business, Jerome’s artistic development and sense of self has been very much affected by biking thousands of hours in the urban core – rain, snow or shine.

More often than not, being a messenger is not just a job, it’s a fast paced 24/7 lifestyle. Jerome’s photographs extract the individuals from the daily drind, capturing isolated moments in time that have stories of their own.’

Wow, it looks cold there, doesn’t it?

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