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Pret a Rouler tonight at the Barbican
14.10.10 by Buffalo Bill

Pret a Rouler, the original bike fashion show, is happening tonight at the Barbican Centre, and is part of the Bicycle Film Festival. Amongst the labels being shown are Mission Workshop Bags (a review of which will be appearing here soon), 14 Bike Co’s own clothing line 4TN and Christopher Raeburn. Maybe not quite as appropriate for messengering as House of Pistard, but the show should be fun.

A little bird tells me that various exengers have been drafted in as models by Keith, an old friend of mine, and a super fellow, including this fine specimen of manhood shown here.

  1. Hahahahaha cheers mate!

    Redrum    14 October 2010, 07:47    #
  2. I feel all funny downstairs.

    — overdrive    14 October 2010, 09:28    #
  3. bill told me you look a bit funny downstairs ;)

    redrum    14 October 2010, 12:58    #
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