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Power a fridge
28.07.09 by Buffalo Bill

Here at Moving Target, we like anything to do with bicycles, tricycles or anything that has wheels, pedals and a chain (or chains). Apart from those stupid electric bikes. I mean, talk about a solution looking for a problem. So I was intrigued by this press release from a TV company, which apparently aims to use the energy generated by cyclists to power house-hold appliances like fridges, kettles and washing machines.

Dragonfly TV is looking for fit cyclists with their own road racing bikes to take part in a novel experiment which attempts to convert human pedal power into electricity. The event will be filmed for inclusion in an exciting new science documentary to be broadcast on BBC1 this autumn.

The experiment will take place on the afternoon of Saturday 1st August, 2009 at the Herne Hill Velodrome, Burbage Road, London. Those involved will be asked to pedal in short bursts at a range of speeds to try and produce enough electricity to power a number of common household appliances.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, please call Emma Hughes on 0207 033 3198 or email her at pedalpower@dragonfly.tv You will be asked to complete a simple medical questionnaire to confirm your fitness to participate.

Sounds like a laugh. Shame that the Europoloco thing is taking place this weekend.

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