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Posh Jon and Nhatt in Observer Woman
8.02.09 by Buffalo Bill

The adorable Nhatt and the equally splendid Jon are the subject of this month’s Observer Woman regular ‘Ex Files’. The web version does not feature the pics. Jon’s pic is rather nice, and whilst Nhatt’s is also very pleasing, something rather extraordinary seems to have happened to her hair. I also notice that the House of Pistard tattoo is not shown.

You can make your own mind about the article, but I thought they come across as very wonderful human beings, which is to say that the article almost does them both justice.

  1. Ahahah! link link


    — Harry Potter    8 February 2009, 21:49    #
  2. anyone got the article and a scanner?

    — pirate man    8 February 2009, 22:07    #
  3. oh my.

    Let this be a reminder that no good deed goes unpunished. The writer is a mate who needed some subjects, and I’m not sure why I thought no one would see it…

    Oh, and they straitened my hair, which is only nearly as funny as when Mary curled it into ringlets and sent me to Selim’s house.


    — Nhatt embaressed. Ok, really I am. Alot.    9 February 2009, 09:06    #
  4. “we never had good sex”

    Come up and see me sometime! :)

    — overdrive    9 February 2009, 15:44    #
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