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Polecat - tonight!
3.06.11 by Buffalo Bill

  1. This was a great night,Papillon.Thanks for organising and thanks to all those that made donations by buying spokecards.

    — overdrive    4 June 2011, 12:59    #
  2. nice race Stef, wicked fun. Slumdawg Alleycat up on youtube www.youtube.com/watc…

    bambi    4 June 2011, 15:58    #
  3. great name 4 a race

    — curly    5 June 2011, 01:01    #
  4. Thanx to everyone who raced and donated for the Warsaw Fund…good night all around…we’ll be taking £25o to Warsaw at the end of July…Thanx to Apryl and Hobs Repro for printing, Scott@Black Rainbow Project for donating one of his awesome pouch as our 1st prize, Sleepy Joe and his dad@ 2 Wheels Good for giving us a wicked bag of goodies..we had 14 racers,results:
    -1 Urban
    -2 Wookie
    -3 Overdrive
    -4 Kuba
    -5 Vojtech
    -6 BBQ Mike
    -7 Robin
    -8 Bo
    -nine Bardy
    The others either got lost, didn’t have a pen or where missing a page in their A-Z…well done guys…

    — papillon    5 June 2011, 13:03    #
  5. APOLOGIES!!!!turned out i didn’t check the manifest properly otherwise i would have sen that Urban and Overdrive didn’t complete all checkpoints but Urban came forward and handed me the 1st prize back,which i will give to Wookie so the winner is Wookie, well done and sorry for being a muppet…

    — papillon    7 June 2011, 08:49    #
  6. Er…I don’t think so…!

    — overdrive    8 June 2011, 10:23    #
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