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Pink Express rider hit & 'critically' injured by lorry this morning
20.09.11 by Buffalo Bill

According to this Standard report:

Police said a male cyclist was critical after being hit by a lorry in Vauxhall this morning. Witnesses told how his bicycle was dragged along the road by the HGV before the driver realised what had happened…

…[the collision] happened at about 7.45am today outside Vauxhall Tube. It is believed the cyclist, thought to have been a courier, was hit from behind by the lorry. The bicycle was dragged along Vauxhall bridge before the driver realised.

Police said the cyclist was initially in a critical condition but had now been stabilised.

Sean Skinner tweeted: “Looks like cyclist hit from behind by large refuse lorry at lights and bike dragged underneath for over 200m.”

The cyclist is believed to be Richard, apparently a courier working for Pink Express. I know everyone reading this will be sending their hopes for Richard’s swift recovery.

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  1. Hope you get better soon Richard, In our thoughts.

    — To_messenger    20 September 2011, 22:06    #
  2. Real nice guy. I hope he pulls though ok.

    — george    20 September 2011, 22:35    #
  3. News is that Richard got away with mainly injuries to his lower legs plus a fractured pelvis. He’s had to have rods put into his left foot which is serious stuff but considering the reports of him being dragged and the inevitable fatality rumour he’s at least come away with his life and has his parents at his bedside to support him.

    — dazzler    20 September 2011, 23:08    #
  4. Thanks for the update, Dazz.

    — Bill    20 September 2011, 23:15    #
  5. Quote from Richard’s family (a post on LFGSS) ‘Richard is doing better than first thought, he was in surgery for 7 hours to help fix his leg doctor, still concerned about circulation in his leg, it’s gonna be a long road to recovery. Please take extra care on the roads.’

    — Bill    20 September 2011, 23:24    #
  6. Get well soon bro .Think lorry drivers should ride a bike round London before getting their licence.Vauxhall is a bit tricky.

    — curly    21 September 2011, 02:33    #
  7. Funny you should say that..


    — dazzler    21 September 2011, 07:21    #
  8. My best wishes Richard, I’m glad your on the mend. Alex from Pink told me the news, you’ve got good friends here mate.

    — Charlie Roadkill    23 September 2011, 19:01    #
  9. Update (from a post by ‘Richard’s Family’ over at lfgss)

    ‘Update on Richard, he’s been back into surgery twice this week for his legs, he’s going back in to surgery again on Monday, he will still need quite a few more operations. He got fitted for a wheelchair yesterday and is now mobile around the ward at least. He is in remarkably good spirits.’

    — Bill    6 October 2011, 17:42    #
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