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Paypal donations for the injured riders
7.03.08 by Buffalo Bill

For those of you that aren’t able to make cash donations, you can make paypal donations to bill.chidley at mac.com. To avoid confusing me, please mark them ‘EC Donation’. Thanks very much in advance.

Spiro at CitySprint tells me that the riders having started donating their COA dockets to Chewy. This means that when they are cancelled on arrival, the docket is assigned to Chewy’s account. Patrick Gallagher, MD of CitySprint, has agreed that the company will also be donating their share of the dockets, and making up the amount, so that the company gives the same as the riders. Respect to the riders, and their controllers, Brian and Spirogiro, for sorting it out. And fair play to CitySprint for doing the decent thing. For more on the history of the COA donation see this article about Gerty.

The London’s Calling crew have decided to donate the proceeds from last year’s event to the two guys. Which is absolutely f***ing amazing. I think you guys are wonderful. It makes me proud to live in the same city as you all.

There is still no word on when Chewy will be able to work again, but given that he was broken two bones in his foot, it is likely to be a while. I still do not have reliable information regarding Effri. I was told that despite being hit by a lorry, he has suffered severe soft tissue injuries to his legs only. On the forum, someone says that the doctors are saying that he will be able to walk again, but not ride.

But it’s early days, and this information is all second-hand.

Whatever the specifics, both these guys will be unable to work for a while, and will need our help.

Martin 77 (now at Brick Lane Bikes) has this to say:

hey all. I guess most of the people on here have heard about what happened to chewy and efraim a few days back. the result is that chewy out of work and efraim has his legs broken and wouldnt be able to ride back for couple months if ever again. i dont have that much info only the bits and bobs on the moving target forum. i know chewy only form the road but efraim i know form working for the same company….guy with a massive afro and singlespeed chopper-)……lovely lovely guy ,always smiling and always happy……..when i’ve read that he may never ride a bike again i had shivers all over my body………. Anyway id like to get some money for them or for the bike messenger emergency fund in general. I recently bought shitloads of the ONE LESS CAR sticker and the plan is to sell them for 1 quid each and all the proceeds will go to the emergency fund. so if anyone feels likehelping out and decorating their bikes at the same time please get in touch. im in brick lane bikes most of the time so if someone is passing by and wants to get one please get in touch. all help and interest much appreciated.

People that aren’t able to get over to the East, can send paypal £s to Martin’s paypal at malpa-london at yahoo.com. And don’t forget that you can donate to the Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund on-line. Also, Barnesy is donating 20% of the sale price of these jerseys to the injured parties.

The first donations are in already! I received these messages as well:

Hi Bill, Please pass my best wishes onto both riders and to Effri in particular. He does not know me, and I only know his name due to these terrible events. However, his bullhorns, hairstyle and ready smile have often brightened my day when I have seen him round the Barbican. I hope to see him riding around again one day. Yours sincerely, John Ames.

I don’t know either of these guys personally, and I’m not in the industry. But I’m saddened by what happened to them and hope they come out okay. (from the US)

There is now a banner on the London fixed gear forum pointing to this page. I have already had lots of traffic from that quarter, so thanks a bunch. Bikeforums has an item about it as well. Keep it coming!

  1. Jos won the Arty Cat last night and raffled off his prize, money going to the guys.
    Jos, you rule!

    — roxy    7 March 2008, 13:25    #
  2. My thoughts are with them, hope they come out on top of this.

    David    7 March 2008, 15:25    #
  3. Jos, Pseudo-King of the Fakengers.

    All hail Jos.

    — Ronnie Darko    7 March 2008, 20:47    #
  4. Jos is a fakenger. Grrrr. You are so arty jos. Hears to a speedy recovery Effri and Chewy!

    — Zack speedfast    8 March 2008, 04:29    #
  5. You REally Have TO See This… <a href=” www.name2search.happ… “>Dawson</a> >:-[[

    Dawson    17 December 2008, 14:11    #
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